The Forum Experience

Learn about NZVETRF’s immersive and interactive online experience

With the success of 2020’s virtual event, and in the continued uncertainty of a COVID-19 world, we were excited to once again bring you the NZVETRF fully online in 2021. We were not only able to extend the reach of the event but also welcomed international partners, participants, and guests.

We know that one of the best things about NZVETRF in the past has been the networking between our guests, and that some of the most important conversations over the years have been over cups of coffee!


Through our technology partner, NZVETRF was delivered through an immersive and fully interactive virtual conference platform, designed, through state-of-the-art technology, to be just like the real thing.  Attendees walked into a virtual conference venue and, just like an actual conference space, were able to choose their own adventure, explore the different rooms at will, and interact with other guests. The concept is designed to allow you to pick and choose what suits you best throughout the course of the conference/event.

Alongside the scheduled programme of keynotes and breakout sessions, the environment includes a an on-demand resource centre, an exhibition hall for poster presentations, and even trade space for our sponsors. Guests will be able to join virtual hangouts and interest-based expert sessions – and even initiate video chats with other guests one-on-one, in groups, or in topic-based hangouts in a purpose-built networking lounge!